What can you do during these unprecedented times to enrich personal growth and make yourself marketable? Here are our top five recommendations for all things career-oriented:

1. Setting Goals and Objectives

Make it a point every morning to have goals for that day. Start by targeting a list of companies that match your background and interests. Continue the conversations with recruiters on LinkedIn or by email to maximize your chances of exposure (1). Reach out to your existing network – you never know how those relationships can benefit you.

2. Update Your Resume

It’s never too late or too early to update your skills and experiences you’ve gained in your career. Indeed recommends revisiting your resume at least twice a year, even if you are employed (2). Each section of your resume should tell a story about your background. It is important to have a summary objective that will provide recruiters and hiring managers a quick overview of your skills, experiences, and goals.

3. Brand Yourself

LinkedIn is the best social media network for everything career related. If you do not have a profile already, create one on LinkedIn today (3). LinkedIn recommends a completed profile to ensure exposure to recruiters and hiring managers. Nicole Tuosto, GigNow Talent Acquisition Lead, recommends getting feedback from your previous managers or team members to see which projects or roles you have directly contributed to (4). The best part about LinkedIn is being able to network and engage with folks you may never have a chance to meet otherwise. Make sure to leverage the “Open to Job Opportunities” function, which allows you to open your profile to recruiters on roles you are potentially interested in.

4. Consider Gig Opportunities

While companies are trying to figure out their workforce during the coronavirus pandemic, the future of work is changing rapidly, requiring transformation and innovation to remain competitive in the marketplace. Considering gig and project-based opportunities may help you get back on your feet during these trying times. If you are interested in contract work, we invite you to check out open opportunities on GigNow (6).

5. Help Each Other

Even if you’re not in the job market, someone in your network can benefit from your knowledge. A single share on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter can greatly benefit those in need of support. You can even refer a friend to GigNow if you think they are a match to a potential opportunity.


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