So you’ve landed a remote job–now what? How do you stay focused and productive in your new lifestyle?

More flexibility and no commute are just the start of the advantages of working remotely. It just takes intention and a bit of planning to balance your work life and home life when it’s all taking place in the same place.

Find a workspace.

Setting yourself up for success begins with your workspace. The right workspace for you depends on where you uniquely work best and figuring that out might take some trial and error. Consider both your job requirements and where you are most productive to lead you to the right environment. For everyone, minimizing distractions and creating definition between your working space and your relaxing space in your home is a good place to start. 

Be aware of technical resources.

Forgetting a password or experiencing computer issues becomes tougher to manage when IT Support can’t be beside your desk within minutes. Save your organization’s help desk line in a secure place in case you get locked out of your systems and take your organization’s technology security guidelines seriously.

Get dressed for work.

Getting dressed means something different for everyone, but as a good rule of thumb, you probably shouldn’t be working in the clothes you slept in. Pay attention to how your clothing affects your demeanor, productivity, and focus. Regardless of if you’re in a fresh shirt and sweatpants or a business casual outfit, be comfortable, clean, and take some basic grooming steps in the morning to help turn your brain into “work mode.”

Communicate with your team.

In fact, over-communicate with your team. Whether it’s your first time working remote, you are part of a new team, or you are a work from home veteran, regular communication is crucial to your success. The independence of working remote makes it even more important to know what is expected of you so that you can check in regularly, ask for feedback, and work towards success.

Get to know your coworkers.

Working at home can feel isolating unless you take the time to build friendships and relationships at work. Interacting with your team can make all the difference in your emotional well-being and productivity. Make time every day to chat with your coworkers, ask how they are doing, and share stories. Utilizing tools like video conferencing, chat systems, and collaboration software is a great way to encourage communication across a larger team.

Note your productive times.

Everyone is more productive at different times of the day, and it is up to you to be disciplined and mindful of what times of the day that you work best. Pay attention to when you are most productive during your day and plan your schedule accordingly.

Keep it moving.

Being active is important for your overall well-being. Taking short breaks to get some fresh air and a few steps in is important. Prioritize scheduling 5-10-minute breaks throughout your day to stretch your legs.

The best way to love your remote job and master working from home is to be mindful of both the benefits and the challenges of remote work. Putting a few of these concepts into practice will have you working at your best in short order!