Navigating the gig economy can feel difficult and sometimes overwhelming for contractors. That’s why we have built GigNow’s platform to be both business and contractor centric. In order to have the best experience with the GigNow platform, we developed a practical 2-part guide for your reference.

Stay visible

GigNow seeks to work swiftly and effectively to staff our amazing contractor community on engagements – enabling them to thrive in the gig economy. In order to do that, our recruiters need visibility into contractors’ skillsets. You can stay visible by doing the following:

1. Update and upload your resume in PDF (must be logged in)

Uploading your resume allows GigNow’s platform to suggest relevant gigs that match your experience. Pro Tip: Uploading your resume as a PDF is best for the system and our recruiters

2. Update your skills

Our AI relies on skills to find you the right gig, so be as thorough and specific as you can!

3. Update your availability

Updating your availability allows you to come up on top of our internal searches, boosting our ability to find you the right gig.

4. Update your pay rate

Our recruiters want to match contractors with gigs that meet their desired level of compensation. However, being flexible on compensation means more gig matches.

Stay connected

It’s easy to stay connected to the GigNow platform. Try these 3 things:

1. Search for gigs

Searching for gigs is easy! Just click the “Open Gigs” tab and get typing. Pro tip: Search for keywords that appear on your resume. The system will then filter for what matches your profile, increasing your chances of landing a gig.

2. Save gigs

This feature of the platform allows you to keep a curated list of all the gigs you want to apply for as you’re searching. Once you save a gig by clicking the heart icon, you will see it in the “My Gigs” tab.

3. Turn on the “Recommended Gigs Email” alert

The system will do the work for you, matching your profile to the most relevant gigs. With email alerts turned on, you can learn about awesome gigs without even having to search for them!