GigNow sourced more than 200 on-site contractors for Advisory Services, filling 90 roles in less than 30 days and handling all administrative support, like onboarding and approvals. Working on this assignment for up to two years, military spouses and veteran contractors reviewed and validated key audit supporting documents.

Ernst & Young LLP Advisory Services and GigNow, an advanced-technology platform for sourcing skilled contractor talent, have collaborated on a new and innovative delivery model to bring contract work opportunities to military spouses and retired veterans.

“Many veterans retire near the last location where they served,” said Scott Smith, Ernst & Young US Managing Director, Advisory Services. “Instead of them traveling to the job market, we bring the job market to them.”  

“This is a dream come true for military families…are you sure this opportunity is real?” – EY GigNow contractor

Many US federal agencies are subject to government audits to provide financial accountability, Smith said; however, some agencies have locations across multiple continents. Getting employees with the right security clearance to fly to several locations to perform pre-audit activities is an expensive, time-consuming task.

In addition to supporting veterans, the GigNow model is also providing significant benefits to military spouses. Data from US Council of Economic Advisors shows that military spouses are highly educated, but underemployed as they follow their spouses from one assignment to the next. GigNow helps them find skilled contract work where they live. Through these contracts, they can build valuable experience which can help them find future work.

“In the future, we see this model being leveraged anywhere we need to deploy localized resources very quickly for specific tasks,” says Smith.

“It is exciting to see how GigNow is enabling EY and our clients to engage the right talent, for the right opportunities at the right time.” – Carl Smith, GigNow Global Leader