The “Gig” Picture

I have been a contractor several times throughout my 25-year career and know firsthand how contracting can enable professional and personal success. I am deeply inspired by the value that a blended workforce of employees and contractors can bring to the success of a business. This reinforces my commitment to advance the dialog on the changing workforce and future of work that embraces flexibility and engagement of talent.

I see the future of work changing rapidly, which will require transformation and innovation in how to source, manage, motivate and engage talent.  Businesses are seeking to improve quality of contractor talent, better manage risks, reduce cycle times, reduce operating costs and align processes to drive efficiency.  Contractors are seeking enhanced visibility of gigs, more efficient channels to explore opportunities, work flexibility and better alignment of gigs to career growth.

In the spirit of embracing these changes, we have stood up GigNow as an innovative solution that leverages advanced technology, processes and team to transform how contractors connect to gigs and how enterprises source, assess, match, hire and engage contractors. We started by reinventing the contractor experience from the ground up, from candidate touch points to a global network of experienced recruiters and resources to quickly connect contractors to the right gigs. We allow contractors direct access to opportunities and address the needs of the business for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

If you are interested in contract work, we invite you to check out open opportunities on GigNow. If you represent a company that wants to learn more about how to leverage the contract workforce in your organization, we invite you to chat. Let’s build the workforce of tomorrow together.