Sharon is a Talent Acquisition Recruiter for EY GigNow and a daily user of GigNow recruiting platform. Sharon is very passionate at finding the right candidate for each role and advocating for a better candidate experience. She forges strong relationships with her clients and team members which is reflected in the positive feedback she receives. Sharon’s teammates appreciate her eagerness to always help others on the team.

Sharon started her career in marketing and healthcare administration. Starting fresh out of college, Sharon went to work as a Midwest Advertising Director for a young men’s magazine. As an Advertising Director, her job was overseeing a variety of projects and campaigns. Unfortunately, five years later the magazine was shut down, so Sharon turned to volunteer work at a long-term care facility where she grew to love the residents, families, and staff. Eventually, she joined the leadership team at the care facility as an Assistant Administrator. Five years later, Sharon decided to change careers, but she was lost on what direction to take. Sharon made three lists, what she loved to do, what she never wanted to do again, and her strengths: this landed her with recruiting.

Over the last six years, Sharon worked as a recruiter in a variety of companies such as Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Walgreens. In that time, Sharon found a love and passion for learning. Every time a new role is brought to Sharon, she researches the necessary qualifications and requirements which eventually lead her to scouting the best candidates for the role. With this new-found knowledge, Sharon partners up with hiring teams and other recruiters in the team to focus in on the right candidate for the role. Utilizing her passion for learning has allowed her to expand as a recruiter and evolve in the field of recruitment.

Currently, Sharon has taken on a role as an EY Talent Acquisition Recruiter. Sharon has hired for Risk, Audit and Tax teams through their busy hiring times as well as many other individual requisitions.  Primary in this role, she engages with top contractor talent for EY and advises hiring teams. As an experienced recruiter on her team, Sharon provides market insight for her department and helps in facilitating awareness and use of GigNow within EY. Recently, Sharon has joined a few of her fellow recruiters to launch the first GigNow Virtual Career Fair. The Virtual Career Fair operated similar to a standard Career Fair, with booths and recruiters present at the fair to talk about job opportunities.

As a GigNow user, Sharon finds it exciting to be part of a model/team that is revolutionizing the contractor experience and expects more organizations will try and adopt a similar internal model.  She is happy to work with highly talented and engaged teams, partnering with hiring teams and candidates to ensure an excellent experience. For the 2020 FY, she has 45 contracts filled and counting. 

To those looking to take a leap into a new career: “Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and take a risk, you can make the change.”