Nate is known for his to recruiting skills, his wittiness, and bringing great liveliness to our GigNow recruiting team! He is constantly learning, iterating, and tackling the unknown with great success.   

 Nate is a role model to what it looks like to constantly be iterating!

Nate’s Background

Nate is a Talent Acquisition Recruiter on the GigNow team and has been with EY since March 2019. Upon joining, Nate mostly supported Risk-Advisory for their busy season, but has also had the chance to work on some IT roles as well! Nate is from Syracuse, NY, but has lived in St. Augustine, FL for the past five years with his family.

The story of how he got into recruiting is a great one:

His old high school friend from Syracuse was going to move to either Jacksonville (45 minutes from Nate) or Tampa (about 5 hours away). His friend had a job offer in both cities, but had to wait until his fiancé got a job before deciding. They were going to move wherever she got a job first, so Nate made it his mission to find her a job close by. He had a lot of fun helping her in the job search and realized that people actually do that for a living!

His favorite part of the role is getting to talk to people who are experts in their field, about their field. As mentioned above regarding his hobbies, he loves learning about things and understanding how things work. Therefore, his favorite roles to recruit on are ones that he knows nothing about initially.

Hobbies and Interests

Nate plays in a hockey league in Jacksonville. Outside of time with his family, hockey is his favorite pastime. He also really enjoys learning new skills. Meaning… seeing something cool, having no idea how to do it, and researching to figure it out. Nate loves building things, over-your-head type of home improvement projects, cooking, and taking apart broken items to figure out how they work.