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GigNow is a global enterprise solution that leverages People + Process + Platform to “direct source” contractors. We empower your recruiters with AI & automation to make the hiring process faster & easier while significantly reducing cost. The platform helps your team direct source talented contractors and reduce your dependency on agencies. GigNow helps you create engaging contractor talent pools and delivers the WOW for candidates, hiring managers, recruiters and leadership. GigNow streamlines tasks so that your team can focus on finding and hiring the best contractor talent.

Scale your contractor hiring with ease

ATS & CRM focused on contractors

Build and track your contractor pipeline and capture the engagements, decisions & activities in your private database.

Continuous & automated engagement of candidate throughout the lifecycle of candidate.

Easily view candidate profiles history & candidate activity.

AI & Search Capabilities

Revolutionary AI Auto Match allows you to find the right candidate immediately.

Find more candidates with same skills using Similar Candidates.

Similar Jobs allows recruiters to find the best positions for qualified candidates. It allows candidates to find similar jobs of interest.

Talent Analytics

Real-time analytics that provides data about savings & productivity.

Decision analytics helps hiring managers & recruiters to make better hiring decisions.

Fully customizable reporting suite with 6 out of the box reports available. Option to add additional custom reports.

GigNow Benefits for Enterprises

...GigNow delivers significant reduction in cost to find high quality talent.

Carl Smith

GigNow Global Leader at EY

Finding Needle in Haystack is Easy

Quality Talent icon

Quality Talent

GigNow is designed to reduce administrative overheads so you can focus on hiring better.

Risk Management icon

Risk Management

Support compliance with local tax, labor and international data privacy laws like GDPR.

Faster Hiring icon

Faster Hiring

Streamline processes using automation and proven technology to hire faster.

Real-time Analytics icon

Real-time Analytics

Analytics to support recruiter productivity as well for analysis by recruiting leadership.

Significant Savings icon

Significant Savings

Create savings by direct hiring and creating a readily available talent pool.

What Our Clients Are Saying

GigNow is allowing access to talent and skills that historically were not accessible. Now we can access in-demand skills and new markets like never before.

Terry Jost

Partner, EY


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